Packaging - Baroque
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The packaging process of furniture is very important as it completes the manufacturing process so that the customer can receive all his goods safely and without any problem.

Our trained packing team takes care of all the furniture after finishing of the production stage till loading and closing of the container.

Furniture packaging is made of protective cardboard covering edges and carvings followed by one layer of hard carton paper then come another layer of glossy paper and finally all layers are hold together by heavy duty packaging tape.

The professional packaging team load the container mixed of small pieces and bigger pieces so that the whole order is packed into container and then fix ropes to the walls of the container, so that the furniture is well stuffed and is unmovable and now furniture can be trucked and shipped safely.


  1. 20 FT CONTAINER – can be loaded 70 to 90 pieces different.
  2. 40 FT CONTAINER – can be loaded 140 to 200 pieces different.
  3. 40 FT HIGH CUBE CONTAINER – can be loaded 160 to 240 pieces different.