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EX-Works also referred to as the Ex-Factory price, Customer responsible of pickup goods at the shipper/seller’s factory. As No shipping costs or export fees are included in this price, the buyer is responsible for making arrangements with their forwarder for loading, trucking, export, clearance and handling all other paperwork.


Free on Board is the most commonly used, the shipper/seller is responsible of handling the loading and trucking of container to its local port till container is on board. The buyer is responsible for the shipping from there and all other fees associated with getting the goods to your country/address.


Cost and Freight, In this case price also includes shipping cost to the buyer’s nearest port. It is the shipper/seller’s responsibility to get goods from their factory to the customer’s port of destination. It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange delivery of container from his port of destination to his place.


FULL CONTAINER LOAD When goods are to accommodate one full container load it is better to be stuffed in FCL. The container does not have to be fully loaded it can be half loaded or quarter loaded. It is 100% safe and private because all goods in the container is owned by one shipper and will be received by one company. FCL should be booked by one shipper under one shipment.


LESS CONTAINER LOAD When the goods are not enough to accommodate one full container load it can be stuffed in LCL. The same container is shared with different a shipper which is not safe and risky as it may cause goods damage and loss. It can be good choice in small orders as it is cheap substitute of air express shipping.

We supply the following documents with each shipment:

  • B/L (Bill of Lading) (3 originals + 3 copies)
  • Commercial Invoice (2 originals)
  • Packing List (2 originals)
  • Certificate of Origin

Otherwise we can make Express Release for the shipment upon customer’s request and in this case the rest of the document can be supplied to customer by email, this process saves cost and time.


Typically made upon customer’s request and when the shipper does not need to hold the Original Bill of Lading to secure his payment. The shipper and his customer may be related companies and have a strong business relationship.